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Luxor - Aswan hotels and tours

Welcome to Luxor and Aswan!

Luxor and Aswan are two of Egypts most well known and popular cities. Luxor has been on every tourist's 'must-visit list' for centuries, and with its sheer variety of monuments is considered an open-air museum. Eighty one miles south of Luxor you'll find Aswan, also high on many tourists 'must-visit list' with its picturesque location and distinctive African feel. In both cities you'll find a multitude of Luxor hotels and Aswan hotels, where guests are treated to royal comforts and true Egyptian hospitality.

The highlight of a trip to Luxor is admiring its huge variety of well preserved monuments, whilst the quint
essential experience in Aswan is aboard an Egyptian sailboat, the Felucca, to see a full view of the city and appreciate the magnificence of the Nile.

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For the early Egyptians, Luxor was 'Niut' or 'The City', for there was none quite like it. Historian Vivant Denon, who travelled with Napoleon's troops said, 'This city remained such a vast apparition for our imaginations to grasp, that on catching sight of the scattered ruins, the Napoleonic army stopped unprompted and broke into spontaneous applause'.

Luxor has an inescapable allure and taking a Luxor tour is a great way to experience all it has to offer. It
was once the capital of Egypt and known in ancient times as the city of Thebes. In its new reincarnation as Luxor, it has evolved into a teeming modern city that still retains its old charm and beauty. The temples and tombs which evoke awe and wonder can be found right within the city, and the Temple of Karnak and well preserved relics of Rameses II and Hatshepsut ensure its position as one of the world's most visited destinations.

There is no shortage of things to see and do in Luxor. From the vast complexes of the Temple of Karnak and Temple of Luxor, to the tomb of Tutankhamen and spectacular chambers of the Valley of the Kings, right down to a restful Nile cruise, Luxor has more tourist attractions than any other city on earth. There is also a large variety of Luxor accommodation options including luxury Luxor hotels, budget Luxor hotels, Luxor guesthouses and Luxor apartments.

Aswan, Egypt's southernmost city, sits on the banks of a particularly beautiful stretch of the Nile, decorated with palm-fringed islands and flotillas of white-sailed feluccas. Associated with the Nubian people, a distinct ethnic group with their own language and customs, the town is more African in character than cities of the north, including Luxor.

Many tourists are attracted to the golden city of Aswan each year to catch a glimpse of the royals ruins, temples, historic monuments and repositories of a gilded past, and there are many
Aswan tours to accommodate their needs. There are also a multitude of Aswan hotels and accommodation options available, many offering stunning views of the Nile. Take a look at our Map of Aswan to view the location of Aswan's famous tourist attractions in relation to our recommended hotels in Aswan.

In Aswan visitors can wander down the wide Corniche, explore the souk which bustles with people and vendors selling scented oils, bright spices, scarves, perfumes and baskets, visit the Nubian Museum, relax in the Ferial Gardens, explore Elephantine Island and Kitchener's Island, watch feluccas glide past with their majestic masts hoisted against the horizon, or simply relax in one of the floating restaurants enjoying freshly caught fish and listening to the strains of Nubian music. There are many Aswan tours that encompass these great Aswan highlights among many others.

Select your Luxor hotels and Aswan hotels, as well as Luxor tours and Aswan tours from our site, make your booking and relax. We will do the rest!

Enjoy the splendours of Luxor on this tour of the East & West Bank! You will enter Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, pass by the Colossi of Memnon, and see the Temples of Karnak & Luxor.

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Enjoy the spectacular Sound & Light Show at Karnak Temple in Luxor!

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Enjoy the Sound & Light Show at the beautiful island temple of Philae in Aswan.

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Welcome to Luxor & Aswan!

Luxor - Aswan hotels team

Meet Sherif Abd Elwahab and his team at WHL Egypt, your local connection in Egypt's ancient capital, Luxor, and historic Aswan. With an extensive knowledge of Luxor & Aswan and an experienced local staff working on the ground, we put great emphasis on preserving our beautiful country and providing premium trips with personalised service. Speak with us for an authentic experience!




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